Serama babies

Camelot Farms

10 Years
Jun 5, 2009
VA,TN,NC Tri-State area
These little ones are out of BlueGrassSerama birds. Thanks Jessi!!




I hatched 'em

In fairness, they were not shipped eggs. DH went on a 5 hour road trip to get me adult birds from BlueGrass and got the eggs from her too.

100% successful hatch, lost one baby at hatch though. Pipped, zipped and 1/2 hatched then stayed that way for hours and hours. I finally rolled him over to see if the shell would just fall off and underneath was a blood clot. He had been slowly bleeding since zip from the umbilicus. Never had that happen before...
Wow! They are strutting it already! Congrats! I, as well, went on a road trip to Georgetown. Came home with two pairs and a bantam Americauna egg. Just hatched this morning, my first 100% hatch! We must have gone down there around the same time.

Still wet, but I'd say white with darker wings. Should've hatched yesterday, but I peeked so much that I shrink-wrapped her. *bad Catwalk* I was worried that she wouldn't have any buddies, but I got EE eggs from a neighbor two weeks ago, and one hatched on Thursday. Consistantly the fastest hatching eggs in the world!
That is a great Since Serama dont breed true to color, (I think there are like 2400 color combos), it will be a big surprise.

I think thats why I like much suspense

And Welcome to BYC Bantimna!

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