Serama Coop FINALLY Finished!!!

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    They've been in it for two weeks, but I really just finished it this weekend. I found the cutest chicken material that I'm going to make curtains from next week, but technically it's DONE!! What ever will I do with all my spare time now??? [​IMG]

    To avoid having to get permits (in my area, required for any building 120 sq. ft. or larger), it's 9.5 x 12 ft. with a 164 sq. ft. attached run. Due to their small size, seramas don't do as well as large chickens in cold weather, so it's heavily insulated (R38 in the ceiling). My seramas are just pets, so I don't use breeding cages. I have 8 pullets/hens and 2 roos/cockerels. Because they'll be indoors most of the winter, I made sure there were multiple roosts available. I can't imagine a coop without dropping boards, because they're just so darned convenient. I've learned from my mistakes with each coop we've built, so I'm pretty happy with this one [​IMG] . Between estate and farm auctions and Craigs List, I found really good deals on windows, doors, and some material, but we still spent a good chunk of change. But this is a hobby for me, and most hobbies cost a little money [​IMG].
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    that's nice .. can't wait to see the curtains. What is that green thingie? Is it an automatic feeder?
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    teach1rusl Love My Chickens, it's a kitchen trash can that I use to keep feed in! That little ugly bucket thing (with the planter base) under one of the dropping boards is one of my feeders - words better than the red/white gravity feeders though because it's a lot deeper, so not much waste.
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    Lovely! Looks like you thought of everything. Nice job :)

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