Serama Egg Lockdown Help


Jul 27, 2021
My Serama eggs are ready for lockdown. I keep trying to figure out what humidity to put the incubator at but am getting conflicting numbers, anywhere from 50-55 or 60-70. Can someone please help me? Also, am I supposed to change the temp or leave it?
Leave the temperature and I aim for around 70% humidity mainly because then I can open the incubator during the hatch if necessary without dropping the humidity too far.

I think the lower humidity is for if you have a huge number of eggs in your incubator as then, once they do start hatching, they will naturally raise the humidity further. So if you are just doing a small hatch (as opposed to a big cabinet incubator full of eggs) I'd aim for at least 60%.

Good luck with your hatch! :jumpy

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