Serama hen acting like she has to lay, but no egg?

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by CrazyChickensEverwhere, Apr 10, 2012.

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    Apr 8, 2011
    Hello. I have a 1 year old serama hen, I just bought her from some local people and they said shes been laying and shes a little inside chicken. Shes my first ever serama girl so I don't know if there laying behavior is different. Anywho, she has been with me or 6-7 days now and the first day she was throwing hay over her sholder and laying at the bottom of her cage, and my serama rooster just watched her, next day she seemed off yet no egg, next day after that shes not moving much and sleeping a lot and her lower body seemed all puffy so I knew she was eggbound. I took care of her and after a lot of research I did everything I could and the egg came out soft shelled and broken...and she ate it. So I figured lack of calcium, I boosted her calcium with cottage cheese and some layers mash and shes back to normal (last night she passed the egg).
    Now today, shes walking around eating drinking a lot and I figured maybe shes not comfortable with her new surronds. I decided I am going to build a second little floor on her cage to she can have privicy and built a nesting box in there. I put her up there, she scratched around and got down. so I went to the hay shed got some fresh hay and make a nice little perfect nest for her, Put her back up there and she got in there right away and was in there for a hour making the nest better and throwing hay over her sholder and relaxing I kept checking on her to make sure shes doing good, 5 mins I leave come back and shes out of the nesting box and NO egg [​IMG] So I left her alone for 10 mins came back and set he near the nesting box and she got back in. Shes been in there fr 8 mins or so.

    Is this a game to her ? ahahha or are seramas picky?
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    Mar 12, 2012
    lol check again in the morning. . . im sad because my chicken laid her first egg yesterday morning and it was broken and today their hasnot been any eggs

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