Serama Pair


9 Years
Jun 30, 2010
Up for bid is a real nice typey rooster and a black hen. The rooster has a real nice high large chest and carries his tail vertical. He is aprox 2yrs old he is very solid which makes him on the heavy side at 1# 3oz. He is black with reddisth in sporatic places on the back side of him, his chest and underside is black mottled. He has the yellow legs with some dark. He has no flaws on his head, (no waddle wrinkles or folds) The hen is a solid black she has the yellow legs with dark she is also very solid, she is large at 1# 10oz and also aprox 2yrs old.
I would be more than happy to answer any of your questions just pm or email me.
Shipping is aprox at 65.00 (which includes a new box and materials additional) if it is more i would need to make the adjustment
I ship in the US only and No Alaska, Hawaii, Virginia
Please make sure it is not to hot to ship in your area.
I preffer this to be a paypal but would also take a money order priority mail Please pay Promptly
The rooster looks funny in the last picture but I took the picture just as he was flapping his wings so you could see his underside color




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What part of Michigan are you in? Would be interested if I could have my friend pick them up for me, rather than shipping.

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