Serama Rooster Personality?


7 Years
Nov 22, 2012
So my flock consists of about thirty young chickens (none are older than six months, many still getting their first adult feathers). Right now we are working on getting rid of most of our roosters. We have decided to get rid of all roosters except for our Silkie and our Silkie-d'Uccle mix. We also have a Serama roo that we are not sure about keeping. His name is Erik and he has been very sweet in the past, always running up to be held and just being nice in general. Erik is still just as friendly towards us, but he's been mean towards several of our others. He's really been picking on Sarah, who is at the bottom of the pecking order and is very mild-mannered; he grabs onto her and chases her around. But we like Erik overall, and have separated him from the flock for a few hours, which has worked to lower the self-esteem of roos before. So far he has been nicer to the others, but there is a chance that his attitude will change.

Here is my question. What is the normal behavior of Serama roos? If we are going to get rid of Erik, now is the time, but if this is a just a stage he's going through, we'll definitely want to keep him.

Here is a picture for those of you who are curious. :) I'm not sure of his exact age, maybe 3-5 months now?

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