Seramas Vs Coturnix quail

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  1. i'm not sure on what to pick! my dad said if my grades were good by the summer, i could incubate pure bred poultry. but i can't choose! i want to breed and sell chicks/eggs/adults when they grow up, but i'm not sure! i have a small 3ft by 4ft coop to fill. i may be moving to the suburbs, so Seramas or Coturnix are my choices. what are plus side of each? how do i choose?!
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    Seramas are adorable. I vote for them.
  3. Quote:ikr! but i've heard they're hard to incubate, which i'm terrible at
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    i would say seramas. and they can be hard to hatch at frist but you will learn what to do and you will get good hatches. i just started hatching serama eggs . and the frist time i did not do so good but with all the help i got on byc has helped and now i get great hatches. and the cool thing about seramas is you never know what color you will get and they are very friendly and so much fun. good luck and i hope you enjoy what ever you decide on. get those grades up! [​IMG]
  5. Quote:i have been leaning more to seramas

    i did! i got mostly B's! [​IMG]
  6. i think i'll go with seramas
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    If you are moving into a populated area be sure to look into what the laws reguarding owning roosters are. It will be hard to raise chickens of any type if you are not allowed to keep roosters. I am not sure how loud quail are, but they may be a better choice if you are going to have close neighbors.
  9. Quote:the laws of the place i might move to doesn't say anything about roosters. someone once had a peacock there, a very loud peacock! it was removed.

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