Seremas not brooding


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Dec 4, 2020
I have four hens ranging in age from 3 years to 4 months. There is a pile of eggs I’ve been leaving in the nest box.
Rooster mounts the girls regularly so I know they’re fertilized.
my question is, do they need more time to become settled enough to brood?
They’ve been here in this enclosure for a month now.
Is there any way to encourage the girls to brood?
Should I remove this batch of eggs and let them accumulate again?
Or would it help to separate two or three girls with the clutch of eggs and let the rooster hang out with the immature hen who hasn’t started laying yet.
I suspect he’s the reason they’re not comfortable enough to sit.


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Just because a breed is classified as broody doesn't mean every hen will constantly want to brood chicks. There's no way to encourage brooding
Thank you for your reply. It’s a shame! I have a bantam in my outdoor coop who keeps going broody but it’s unacceptable this time of year to let her. Keep having to pick her up off the nest .
Well it's really difficult to persuade a chicken to do your bidding. Many a times a whole bunch of them will go broody on you when you don't want them to go broody and some times when you need a broody hen non of them would want to go broody. Once I had a Rhode Island Red go broody. When I kept Sultans one particular hen went broody three times.
The big blue egg in the front of the picture has a crack.
You should take it out of the nest, because it's more likely to get germs inside and rot, and could explode and make a mess.
If it was laid today, you may be able to cook it and eat it.
But if it's been there for a few days, you should just throw it away.

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