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    So my daughter and I was talking about the new pot (weed) farms and if they have chickens what happens if the chickens go out into the farm and eat the pot plants. will the thc go to the egg and if yes can you funny in the head if you eat said egg? Wow you could make a massive living off those eggs.[​IMG] Can you still call the chickens organic cuz its still a natural plant. [​IMG]
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    Apr 11, 2011

    But seriously, THC is toxic to chickens. Google it :oops:
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    My next door neighbor is a grower, and my boys and I were joking abut the same thing....we had a hen get lose and over the fence last summer. I thought for sure his dogs would have got her, but they just played with her I guess, she came back the next morning with dog slobber all over [​IMG]. We joked about fighting for her egg, see if anyone'd get a buzz off it----I think chickens are too smart to mess with that stuff.
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    My girls have eaten cannibis leaves out of the compost. No ill effect. Funny thought though.

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