Serious leg problem - help!


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8 Years
Apr 1, 2011
I ran out of ideas a long time ago. Anyways, one of our chicks arrived in the mail with a wonky leg. I don't know if something happened en route, or if it was born that way. Basically she never actually bends her leg at the hock, just keeps it straight and trailing behind her. We separated her from the others but didn't splint. Yesterday morning she had done something so that the hock was actually bending the wrong way, lie a hyper flexed joint.

We've tried splinting it, but this chick is fighting everything to the point of making it useless. She can straighten and rotate the leg inside almost everything we make. She has a pipe cleaner contraption that keeps the leg in the right position on at the moment. It stayed for the night, but the chick is obviously in pain. She's still eating and drinking though, and is mostly mobile, although falling lots and is constantly trembling.

So if anyone has dealt with something if this sort before and has advice I would love to hear it.
(That or help with convincing my family to let the poor thing go. I don't mean to sound callous but it really is suffering.)


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