Seriously craving a midnight snack!


9 Years
Nov 9, 2010
north of eternity
Rarely get cravings but a turkey sandwich sure sounds good right now...except there's no turkey in sight. I could run out to the store a few miles away but the last time I started to leave at this time of night (the night after new year's) I think I interrupted somebody breaking into my car.
I think they heard the gate being opened and ran away, leaving my car door broke into and open. So I'm afeared now to leave at night. Maybe I'll just have some soup.
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To make you feel better.... I feel I should mention the "snack" I'm about to go make....

From freezer section.... Giant chocolate chip cookies with chocolate mousse filling... bake in oven, bring out warm and gooey, and top with vanilla ice cream I also have in freezer

OK.. so it's gonna be really rich... that's why I've left them in the freezer since New Years... maybe a bit too much some nights... but I want it tonight!
Hahaha, thank you, yep, that makes me feel much better.
Oooh, chocolate mousse sounds good. Enjoy your treat (how in the world did you resist it for so long?). I just finished a cup of hot chicken soup and a big ol' glass of ice cold milk. I'm gonna wake up with mousse on my mind, though.
Crackers/cheese/pepperoni..then a few white chocolate reeses peanut butter cups...
And i wonder why i gotta walk sideways through doors...

And funny you mention pb cups, because after pb toast was mentioned, I thought, dang, I coulda just made a batch of pb balls! LOL
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Everybody's got their coffee mugs filled and are off to work. I start at 7am. The bacon sounds good but it probably wouldn't set well as a late snack for me either.

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