Seriously... Squirrels?

Make squirrel gravy.
I had the same problem last summer but no one in my family believed me. until our dog chased a squirrel out and he dropped the egg. now my son's dog keeps those little pest out of my yard.
we live in town and I can't really stick poison out for them since it's really not in my nature to kill them that way, because I really don't wanna kill anything else (like dogs, cats or even other birds). I suppose my only option is a small rodent trap? Squirrels are a serious PITB but so many people "like" them and think they are cute and fun. GRRR.
Rat snap traps set under milk crates have worked well for me dealing with my squirrel/chipmunk issues. They are a serious pain, but at least they don't eat chickens. Just eggs, bulbs from the garden, fruit from your trees...

Good luck.
You could trap them, but then what? If you release them, they can come back or they can cause problems or die if relocated to a totally new area.

If they're ground squirrels, it's possible that you can bury your fence a little or put some kind of wire or covering on the ground that they would have a hard time getting through.
Oh my... I didn't know that they stole eggs! Crazy squirrels!
I guess my dogs probably keep them away from the chickens... they are very protective of our birds.

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