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    This was earlier in the week:

    Tuesday, I gave her a quasi-bath, to get the dry poo off of her rear. I then wrapped her in a towel and held her in a football hold while I surfed the net. She was perfectly happy to sit with me, even talked to me a bit. AFter that, I set her up in a laundry basket on the bed, and my daughter and I took turns giving her water and snacks the rest of the afternoon.

    Otherwise, she has been isolated in our bathroom all week. She is in a large plastic (Rubbermaid-type) box, laying in a 1'x1' box with pine shavings. She does nothing. She doesn't get up and walk around. Her legs don't seem to work? when bathed, she just had her legs curled under her, made no effort to stand or walk. She isn't moving about. She poo's where she lay. She does eat and drink. Edited to add: Salty says he's seen her try to get up, but she just falls over.

    Salty did pick up some abt, Terrymycin (sp?), at the feed store. Should we give it to her, see if it makes a difference?

    Help! Please!
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    Yes, I would give her the antibiotic, if that's what that is, I don't think it would hurt at this point, but I would recommend getting some vitamins in her immediately. You can give her liquid childrens vitamins or bird vitamins sold in pet shops or Wal-Mart if don't have anything else on hand. Also try Vitamin E capsules - just cut the top off and squeeze the goo out and see if she will eat it (Ruth loves them) or squirt it in her mouth if not. My bird Ruth almost died and her symptoms started the same way - just got sleepier and sleepier and moved slower and slower followed by twisted neck and paralyzed feet - couldn't stand or walk - just fell over - couldn't/wouldn't eat or drink. She also felt very hot when I held her. I had to force feed her with medicine dropper for a couple of days till she could eat on her own.

    Keep her isolated in case it is a disease but feed her high-protein foods like dry cat food - crushed if necessary or soaked - and cheese and cooked egg yolk. I found that keeping Ruth isolated and feeding her vitamins and high protein foods kept her alive. Today she is with the rest of the flock though neck still a little twisted but she is only about 1/5th the size of the others but her condition started almost immediately - there was something wrong with her from day one when I bought her from the feed store at a few days old. I believe it was a vitamin deficiency and that she still has some inability to absorb vitamins so I've kept up her routine.

    If she's still eating, drinking and pooping - you've got a good chance of saving her. I wish you luck. Keep us posted.

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