Set Batch of 10 Eggs Today!


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Apr 30, 2011
I've been collecting eggs from my two RIR hens for the past week, and sadly one of my RIR hens just went missing. I came home at midnight to find 4 of my 5 chickens missing but found one in my yard and two in the neighbors yard but the RIR hen never showed up today. There is lots of cats, coons, and skunks in my area so its sad but I'm guessing that she is a goner
She was my favorite layer, gave me 2 eggs the first day I had her and an minimum of 6 eggs a week!

But I have 5 of her eggs to hatch so hopefully it'll make up for my loss of her. The eggs were fertilized by my BR roo.

I made my own incubator a couple weeks ago, and tried to hatch 4 eggs but a week in showed no development and when cracked open they were fertilized but nothing. The temp got to 110 degrees so I think it fried the poor things:( That was my first try ever to incubate and hopefully I'll learn from my mistakes. I'm expecting them to hatch early-morning on Sept. 25th.

If anyone has tips, feel free I'm a newbie to this and all is helpful:)
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