set eggs fat side down! help!


May 11, 2015
I swear I did tons of research before setting my chicken eggs two weeks ago exactly and I thought it all said fat side down! I just found out last night that's wrong. Should I turn them pointy side down now?! Or just wait it out and see how it goes and do it right next time?
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Glad you could join the flock! If these were my eggs I would remove them from the turner and lay them on their sides in the incubator this may give them a chance of getting into the right position. Being incubated in the wrong position could have caused the chick to form in the egg the wrong way round. This may cause pipping at the wrong end of the egg when it comes to hatch time. Have you candled the eggs to see how your air sacs have developed? Turning after day 14 is not as critical as the first 2 weeks of incubation. Your chicks should be pretty much fully formed now.

This article > is all about assisted hatching and has a section on malpositioned ( wrong end pippers) chicks. I would prepare your self for this happening to some of your eggs.

Good luck and be sure to ask any other questions that you may have. Here is the link for the incubating and hatching section of the forum >

Enjoy BYC :frow
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Okay thank you. I was thinking along the same lines but was worried about the whole turning thing too. Thanks for the links!
I'm glad you joined our community!

Yorkshire Coop gave you some good advice. Good luck with your eggs!
glad you have joined us.

You have already been given the link for more questions if needed.

Just wanted to welcome you and wish you luck in the hatch.
I tried to post a pic of the air sacs but my device is being wonky but basically they are the size they should be at day seven and it's day fourteen. Any advice on that?

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