Set incubator and broody yesterday, due 3/21, anyone else that week??


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Aug 20, 2009
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Just as I got my cooler bator temps in a good range yesterday I had a silkie FINALLY go broody. So I let her have the one egg she was guarding and set the cooler... I had more than I thought so I gave her a few more after I got her in a crate, I though I was only going to have 2 extra for her. She decided to try and take a chunk out of my hands several times during me moving her.

In the bator.... 25 silkie eggs, all laid 2/22 to 2/28, 5 barnyard mix laid 2/25 to 2/28
Under the silkie.... 2 silkie eggs and 3 EE/barnyard mix
All the mixes are from my almost made into dinner teen roo (ugly mutt, really but the girls love him) that has been with the big girls (EE, NHR, Mutt) for 3 weeks now, we started getting fertilized eggs on the 24th so we decided to set a few to see what we get.

So I'm due around the 21st. My incubator luck/skill has been horrible, I had been waiting on the silkies but with easter coming I figured I'd try again to sell a few chicks. Now watch, all the rest of the silkies will go broody and take most of the eggs in the bator for me
This time I'm not going to worry over the whole process, I'll keep an eye on the temps and turn the eggs but.... I didn't even put a window in the cooler!!! Nope, not going to obsess. Not even sure I'll candle before day 10 or 15 or so. Not going to watch. I left it beside the couch, not in the bedroom or the master bath. Doing dry incubation as well this time, last hatch had most of the chicks drowned in shell even though the humidity was correct with a calibrated hygrometer.

With the silkie, she's one of my tiny almost solid black splash girls. She has food and water on the door of the crate, lots of wood shavings and I tossed in some lint front the dryer for around the nest since she just barely covers the eggs. I have a folded sheet over the crate to block out the wind and it's sitting on top of my low to the floor silkie coop, right at waist height for me to check her. So far she hasn't budged off the nest even to poo. The roo is splash and the girls are blue, black and splash.

Anyone else due that week??? Anyone wanna not obsess together?
I have a few hatches going on. First to hatch is 1 Wheaten Ameraucana under a broody Rock in the garage. That one is due the 11th. Then I have a friend off BYC here that lives near me that is hatching my eggs in her bator for me. We call her the sarsget mom.
Those are to hatch the 13-14th. THEN....I have a bator that is full too. Those are to hatch 20-21. And some a little later. Those ones are Bobwhite quail. I have a thread going if you'd care to join in. It seems it's hit or miss with people wanting to join a hatch party.
Anyway. I wish you luck and here's a link to my thread if you care to stop by.

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