set incubator to 99 or 100?

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Apr 6, 2015
My last hatch was mostly a day early and only 20 of 25 hatched. 4 quit early and 1 fully developed and yolk absorbed. The fully developed egg was bantam (I'm sure this time for those of you who ready my story about the chicken that wasn't. Lol.) that we've never successfully hatched an egg from (they quit everytime). Anyway I got tired of fiddling with the Styrofoam controls and since I have some digital controls waiting around for another project I decided to put them to some use. I bought a cheap toolbox and made a quick control panel out of it. The only thing is the temp sensor only adjusts in 1 degree increments with plus or minus 1 degree. If I set it on 99 it will cle between 98 and 100. If I set it on 100 it will cycle between 99 and 101. The Styrofoam incubator I am running with it has a fan.
if it has a fan, it's probably a circulated incubator. so 99 is fine
Figured it out. The trick is to set it at 100 and put the sensor next to the rail. Then it cysts between 99 and 100 and holds about 99.4 to 99.6 where the top of the egg would be.

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