Set the trap tonight!!!!

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by SundownWaterfowl, Jun 21, 2008.

  1. Well, about 2 days ago I lost my barred rock hen. her head was ripped off and less than half of her was eaten. I am pretty sure that it was a raccoon, due to the raccoon prints on my new chicken coops white door.

    So, last night I set a trap. I used bread and a duck egg. Well, nothing. But the bread and egg was eaten. I think that the trap didnt go off because it wasnt oiled enough.

    So, i sprayed WD-40 over all the moving parts, and set the live trap again, using a duck egg, which they love.

    I am pretty sure that I will wake up to a raccoon. I will be relocating it a couple miles away, unless it looks sickly. Then I will have to kill it and dispose of its body. I dont want to be relocating a sick raccoon.

    Wish me luck!!!
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    I wish you the best of luck. Might be a really light coon as well. IF you dont get it tonight...put your bait....try an onion sack, and tie it to the back of the trap. This way, when they tug on it, the trap will go off!
  3. good idea. I know they love marshmellows.

    2 years ago I went camping up in Old Forge. We had a bag of marshmellows sitting on the picnic table, it was around 9pm. We head a noise, and turned around, and we saw a huge raccoon running off with the marshmellows. It was so funny!!! lol.... We found the bag of marshmellows in the woods, ripped open, with soggy marshmellows in the bag.
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    One coon means two coons, two coons means a family of coons. Get a good outside dog if you want to keep them away from your chickens.
    Best to kill every one you catch. Relocate them atleast 20 miles away.
    Do not forget when that person 20 miles away cacthes that coon and relocates it 20 miles away. Where will it be? Yup, back at your house. Also, if it is not trapped there, a coon will travel 20 miles away from it's home area in screach of food. Back at your house.
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    Any luck?!?! [​IMG]
  6. NOthing... The trap was closed and the duck egg was eaten. I am going to try again. I think that trap didnt lock.
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    Quote:I agree.

    I know here we're allowed to SSS, but it's illegal to move them. Weird but maybe it's for the reason above. We'd just be making it someone elses problem.

    I'm sorry about your hen! :-(
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    Shoot It
    Skin It,
    BBQ It.

    Toss it in a crockpot or pressure cooker, and cook it down till it just pulls off the bone and is tender. Dump a couple bottles of your favorite BBQ sauce on it, let it simmer for a couple more hours. GOOD EATING!

    Do the same thing with Beaver.
  9. Quote:eww. I could never eat a raccoon or a beaver. That grosses me out. lol

    I will be setting the trap again, using some cheese.
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    eww. I could never eat a raccoon or a beaver. That grosses me out. lol

    Two things: 1. you don't know what is good eating. 2. You have never been hungry.

    Then some people tell me they would never eat beef, pork or chicken. To each their own.​

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