1. Aurie

    Aurie Hatching

    May 28, 2008
    I am trying to decide what/where to put our coop. I am not sure how mobile to make it, first off. I guess it is best to be able to move it once a week/daily for the grass and to fertilize. But I am not sure how feasible that really is. I am not a craftsman. So more then likely, our coop is going to be permenant unless I have a WOW moment. I know there are kits to buy, but they are so expensive.

    Anyway my question is what is the best outside flooring for the coop? Just let the grass go to dirt, put dirt down, put down gravel (if so what kind), mulch, ....

    Thanks for the suggestions on my first place to start! oh and if it helps, we are thinking 8-10 hens.
  2. 5peeps

    5peeps Songster

    Apr 27, 2008
    Winterset Iowa
    Hello Aurie ,

    I was thinking of doing a tractor at first , But it seems to me they are not very predator safe so I ended up building a coop that if it came down to it I could move ( with a little help ) It sits under a big cedar tree in my back which is great because it shades them and I didn't know what else to do there because nothing would grow .

    As for the run flooring mine will be dirt at first and it it get to be to much I might try using sand . I don't know about gravel .


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