Setting Eggs due to Hatch on June 7th!


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8 Years
Jun 10, 2011
We got our 24 assorted Polish Chicken hatching eggs, and put them in the incubator, they are due to hatch on June 7th, the weekend after school is out for the summer.
I have never had a fancy chicken like a Polish, but have ALWAYS wanted some
, since I was 15 years old and saw them in someone's yard as we passed by on the school bus each day. We all called them "Hippie Chickens". So, I am EXTREMELY excited and nervous about this round of hatching!

We just hatched some of our own backyard chickens to give to a friend who lost hers to a wild animal, 16 out of 20 eggs hatched, and we adopted 6 of those babies to our 2 broody hens last night, all went very well with that, and now those 2 mommies ("Cuddles" the Black Bantam & "Arielle" the Red Bantam Cochin) are happy little hens, after 2 years of trying to hatch the ping pong balls, they finally have some lil peeps (3 apiece!) of their own! Although, they are very secretive as to allowing their children to be seen by the paparazzi ...ME! One might think they would be more gracious, considering how KIND I was by GIVING THEM CHILDREN!)
oh, well..

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