Setting eggs June 3rd. Need hatching buddies! Lets have some fun!


7 Years
Feb 4, 2012
Quinlan, TX
I'm gonna be setting close to 30 eggs on the 3rd. I want some hatching buddies. It'll be alot of fun!
I'm waiting on my new incubator and plan on using it as soon as it arrives, so I will join you for my first incubation experience.

I'm using eggs from my backyard flock, just a random mix.
Im hoping I'll have my eggs by then, if not by the 5th. I ordered 12 Belgian D'uccle Mille Fleur eggs and 6 Black Copper Maran eggs from ebay, so here's to hoping they get here in one piece

Ya'll all are welcome to join! i Have eggs in my incubator now that are due to hatch june 2nd and 3rd. So i may be a day late. I may not. This will be my 2nd attempt to hatch eggs. Once yall know what eggs yall are setting, tell! If yall wanna show candling process pictures, Feel free! And when someone is done hatching, Must post pics!
I am setting Silkies. Got them special for my daughter because the 2 white silkies that she got as an early Easter present were killed by something. We lost 12 birds that day....all hand raised. So Sad. So I am getting AWESOME eggs, to try again and maybe get a few for my daughter to show. I get them in the mail tomorrow...Do they need to rest before I set them?

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