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    Nov 3, 2012
    Have been doing some research on how to get the best production out of setting eggs in a incubator....I would like to know what everyone else does and what they have had success with when using a incubator.....all suggestions and info needed....I just love my birds and really hate that some of my eggs don't hatch (and they had full grown chicks in them)....Please give me all the help you can.....P.S. Do you wash your eggs before you set them ???? Thank you
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    1. NEVER wash hatching eggs.
    2. Keep nest boxes or nesting location clean
    3. Buy the best incubator you can afford
    4. Calibrate your incubator and hydrometer (if you dont know what this statement means, research it)
    5. DONT over handle your eggs
    6. DONT over handle your eggs
    7. DONT over handle your eggs

    From there, it all depends on what you are incubating, as some eggs require additional steps (waterfowl)

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