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Apr 12, 2008
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One of my hens laid a tiny fart egg a few days ago and yesterday, she laid the big one....

Poor girl, it was long and narrow. She is over a year old and this was her first egg. I've had hens do this and they will likely get to a more normal shape soon and I've cracked them before thinking they were double yolkers but they weren't. Also, will she be more prone to getting egg bound? Since she's a bit older than I think she should have been to just be starting and for it to be this shape, as though it was a long, hard time coming out.

Question - Will this egg be too odd shaped to support a growing chick if I put it in the incubator? I can post a photo but it's pretty long shaped rather than oval.
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You really have nothing to lose by trying it. As a rule, I don`t try to hatch mishappen eggs, but give it a try if you`re inclined. Late layers like her seldom have any more trouble than early laying hens, but if you are concerned, perhaps some black oil sunflower seeds in her diet would be benneficial. You didn`t mention any blood on the egg, so she seems to be fine.......Pop
I wouldn't set a pullet's first eggs. What's the harm in waiting a short while until her eggs become more "normal?"

Setting odd shaped or strange eggs increases the chance that you'll have either NO development or poor development in the chick. It could also increase the chances that a fully formed chick will not be able to hatch properly and will die in the shell or during hatch, or have problems that require culling (which is pretty difficult for many people with day old chicks!)

Plus, waiting a while lets you see if your pullet is a going to be a good layer. If not, and she doesn't have other redeeming characteristics that make up for it, then you would be better setting eggs from another source. Best to only promote good genetics.

I'd give it a few more eggs before setting them.
I had a tiny tiny egg from my jersey giant pullet at 7 months old, i ate it, then, the next 6, i put in the bator, I COULDNT STAND IT, i had to! 3 of them hatched and those chicks are 1 week old. Make sure u arent over supplementing her calcium. Congrats that she is laying!!!!!! And, i am of the opinion that late layers, and layers of fewer eggs will probably lay later in life, but thats a mere speculation, and again CONGRATS!
The tiny one I kept and it's really cute and small but nothing as small as my Serama eggs. This young hen may just be a late bloomer. She didn't lay today but at least she's getting started. I am thinking it's just long like that because it was a large egg and she's just immature. I'll post the progress but I think I'll go ahead and put it in the incubator to see if it's fertile. I've hatched similar eggs so we'll see. I'm trading this hen for a nice pullet so it would be really nice if I had a couple of her chicks before she leaves plus if they are fertile, I can send some of her fertile eggs when I ship her. I would assume she would stop laying till she settles in her new home and that way, Lanae can have some of her fertile eggs by my rooster too.

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