Setting Hen


7 Years
Nov 10, 2012
I have free range chickens. I have a hen who is setting on a nest in the storage shed. Her babies will be ready soon but I need to move her to a pen where the dogs can not get the babies. Can I move the nest now? We have broke one egg by accident and we know there are baby chicks in their almost ready. I do not want to loose my babies.


T.K.'s Farm
7 Years
Jul 29, 2012
Oregon City, OR
My Coop
My Coop
I am planning on moving my broody at 2 weeks sitting into the brood/grow-out tractor. I will be moving her, the nest, and eggs together in the night, so hopefully she stays on the nest in the day. I tried putting her in yesterday before placing eggs under her and she would not go to the nest. She went back to her nest in the coop after I let her out of the tractor. Good luck.

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