Setting today 5/25 hoping for at least ONE Snowball. :) Anyone else?


10 Years
Aug 15, 2009
Modesto, California
My daughters hen Snowball was killed this winter and she still misses her. We have been to 2 poultry shows since Snowballs death and each time she would cry as she walked by the Cochins. Anyway I found a seller and bought some eggs. Paid for 12 eggs and she sent 18! All arrived safely and I will be putting them in the incubator tonight. I am praying for at least ONE to be a white frizzle!
Here she is with her around November:


Wish us luck!
Ms.Frizzle :

Good luck, I hope that you hatch a beautiful frizzled pullet, and that your daughter falls madly in love with it!

I hope so too! The kid has 15+ chickens but misses Snowball so much!​
Good luck on getting a white frizzle! I just got my bator and even though I know I should wait 2 days before I set, I had to do it. I'm pushing it with some of them. I have 25 Johnny Jumper game chicken eggs set and holding. Lets hope things go well.

On another note, we have a dozen of the same breed in a friends bater due to hatch on the 6th. I'm hoping I can trade him some of my eggs for some of his EEs for my next hatch.

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