Setting Turkeys - Care?


7 Years
Mar 26, 2012
Attica, MI
I realize this is probably a bit late but I figured I'd ask (it was either a thread here or one in the Dumb Question section, I'm still not sure which is most appropriate).

I have a couple of turkey hens setting on nests for about a week and a half now, roughly. Everyone's free range so relocating/isolating isn't really an option. My thinking at this point was that a turkey used to free ranging was probably better equipped to tend eggs/raise poults than I am.

But then again I'm sort of new. Is this a decent approach? Is there something special I should be doing for them? Their tom is quite attentive to both. As I said they've both been on their respective nests for at least a week and a half. I casually toss a bit of grain treat near them when I treat the rest of the mixed bird flock but otherwise I leave them alone.

I was rather planning on leaving them alone after hatch, too. See above point on parent turkeys being probably more knowledgeable about raising turkeys at this point that I am.

Do I need to do anything for them now? Plan anything for the poults? Or just let nature take its course? Like I said, the hens and tom seem very with it, from my limited experience. My thinking is it's better to just let them deal with it but I thought I'd check.
I assume the hens are in `free range' nests (not penned)? If you have a low predator load (good electric fencing around range), then it is more a matter of making sure they can get to the feed. The hens will do great raising their poults - the one's that survive the preds/wet weather.

I'd suggest putting together at least a temp, covered, brooding area to corral them into.

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