Setting up a pasture for my 6 ducks, My fear is Hawks and Owl`s .


Nov 16, 2015
Wapato, Washington USA
I have 100ft roll of 4 ft high of garden 2 x 4 mash, steel posts . Trying to decide the best safety. They would only be out
during the day. Should I keep it narrow, so I can put a netting on top or a breath able tarp, or just open. I need suggestions before I get started. We do mow the pasture several times a week and could just give them clippings. Probably do that any way too. Our pasture was made for Mules but it will be modify`d for ducks.


Jul 20, 2015
New England USA
I'm not sure of the pole arrangement for the fencing.

I have used aviary netting to cover my forage pens to keep the raptors away form my girls. It works well but you have to be careful not to get it tangled between uses. Otherwise it'l l take forever and a day to get it in place the next time you use it.

Aviary netting is easier to work with than fruit tree bird netting. That stuff is a death trap. I kept getting it stuck in the treads of my work boots and tripping in it. I'm amazed I didn't actually break any bones.

I think both types of netting come in various lengths & sizes. You can probably use that to figure out the arrangement of poles for your fencing.

I forage my girls in a movable pen around my yard. They really prefer staying on fresh pasture and they'll let you know when they've combed an area clean.

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