Setting up my incubator - Suggestions please

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  1. Hey all, we just put our incubator together and plugged it in. This is a 1st for us. I bought the Hovabator and an egg turner. No fan. I added the water set the thermostat and plugged it in. Can anyone tell me what the temp and humidity range is so I know when it is good to set my eggs?

    Any instructions, experience, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. We would like to set the eggs tomorrow. We are setting quail and Cochin eggs.

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    Didn't your Hovabator come with instructions? I'm using a Little Giant so I don't have any knowledge with the Hovabator. My instructions say to have the temp at 100. I've set mine at 101. I figured that would be a happy medium since usually you're supposed to have your temp at 102 for a still air. So far, out of shipped eggs, and if everything goes right this week, I should have just over 65% hatch rate. All the good eggs that made it through the first few days are wiggling like crazy in their eggs right now.
  3. It came with some instructions, but not real great. I don't see how to set the temp. only the thermostat. As of this morning the humidity is at 70% and the temp is only 91. I turned the thermostat down, but I am not sure how to get the temp up. Will lowering the humidity gt the temp up?


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