Setting Up the temperature in my incubator, ughhh!


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Apr 15, 2009
Greenford, Ohio
My husband wired the light and water thermostat that we picked up at homedepot yesterday, and now I have spent every free minute trying to get this *&%*temperature set correctly. Either it's to high or to low. My eggs should be here in a day or two so I'm starting to stress a little. Were using a fluke meter to measure the temperature and I have the wire from the meter about 1" away from the thermostat. Anyone have any suggestions on how to get this right?


Oh the set up is a small foam cooler with a 25WT light bulb hanging from the lid ( secured), the thermostat is located on the side of the cooler on the same level as the egg rack, and I have a water bag (100deg.) on the bottom on the cooler.

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i had the same problem with a similar set up.i finally switchsd to a 40 watt now holds between 99.2/99.9.however the temp still took about five hours to lock in.those thermostats seem to have about one degree of play in them
Thanks, i will try the 40wt bulb this morning

Should I take the temp of a small egg size container of sand? I've read the temp swing should be fine if this temp stays 99.7 - 100.7 ?
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