Setting your rooster for your timezone.

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    For those that don't live right on a time zone line everything you do has to take account for timezone. Here we refer to eastern time as fast time or Georgia time an central time as slow time or Alabama time. Also people cant use there cell phones as clocks because they change time zones all the time an you never know if that 3:00 is 3:00 fast time or slow time.... Anyway.

    The radio this morning had someone selling chickens an the host asked if those roos crow the same time every morning. Then asked if they crow on fast time or slow time. The stand in co-host (daughter of normal co-host) chimed in an said her mom truly believes that if she drives from Georgia in to Alabama at sun down she gets another hour of sunlight. So she (daughter) got the idea to buy a rooster an give it to her mom, telling her it is a Alabama rooster just to see her try to train it to crow on Georgia time.
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    Now this would be a good experiment in Oregon. The eastern edge of the time zone on the Oregon-Idaho border is an 8 hour drive away. What time would my 4:30 a.m. crow-er crow at and time would the 5:30 a.m. crow-er start at if they went to Eastern Oregon?..... better not give DH any ideas, think he would be happy the roos drive 8 hours away if it meant quieter mornings! [​IMG]

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