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    I finally got my ladies in yesterday (sat 4/4) 8 comets, 5 golden and 3 reds. my sister-in-law and brother-in-law own a auction sat mornings are live stock of all kinds. he also raise everything under the sun when it comes to animals. told him what we wanted and he walked the bird cages with me looking the all over, told me which ones to stay away from found some orpintons (what i really wanted) they ended up going for a price of 24.00 a bird...ouch. anyway these 8 came through and he gave me the eye with a head nod to bid on them and i picked them up for 8.00 per.they are all under a year and going through their molt, on the way home 1 of them gave me a present i found when i was removing them from the cage.I now have my first egg and with out a crack in it. Anyway getting off the main subject- how long will it take them to get adjusted and settle in? today was war over the territory and nest box's. sadly they being caged up pulled a lot of feathers. also is it normal for eggs to look like a jell sack in the beginning? have had 2 of them already found the girls eating one of them. I grew up on a dairy and we had the hens but that was a lot of years my brother in law had me start them on terramycin and small dose of bleach in the water. he said ya never know and the combs looked a little pail to him. well sorry so long winded and thanks for your help.... from an old fart... sam
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    Hi Sam and welcome to BYC!
    It could take anywhere from a couple of days to a month or more for your girls to settle in.
    Are you sure they are going thru a moult? Have you checked them for lice or mites?
    Soft shelled eggs could be caused by a lack of calcium in their diet. I would offer them some oyster shell in a seperate bowl to provide them with the calcium.
    Bleach contains chlorine and is poisonous in high doses. I wouldn't use it at all.
    Terramycin or any antibiotic shouldn't be used "just in case". You need to know if you have an infection first and if so, what kind. Using antibiotics when unnecessary is how super bugs that are antibiotic resistant are created.
    Some electrolytes to deal with the stress of a new home might be called for, but definitely not antibiotics.
    Good luck to you and let us know how your girls do.
    From Kat, another old fart.

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    A little Apple cider vinegar in their water would be good for them, But not bleach!
    They need calcium to make the eggs shells stronger, as Gritsar suggested giving them free choice oyster shell will fix the jell sack problem.
    They just have to work out the pecking order and they will settle down after that. Just give them a day or so.

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