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I recently (just 4 days ago) brought 4 young POL chickens home. I realize it has only been a short time but they are so darn skittish and act totally terrified of me. They were handled at their previous home so I know it's possible for them to get to that point, but is there a time period when I should expect them to be more comfortable in their new home and with me? I am spending about 20 minutes a day just hanging out in there with them.
How were they 'handled' at their previous home?
Some breeds may be more skittish than others, but it's really about individuals.
Also the new environment is stressful, it will take a couple weeks for them to become comfortable there.
Bird near point of lay have the added stress of this strange thing happening to them, new layers can be quite goofy.

It takes time, more than 20 minutes a day, for them to get used to you.
Spend as much time as possible in the coop, just doing chores - in and out, frequency might be more important at first than duration of time.
Always move slowly and calmly, talk to them quietly...if you're not calm or are impatient they will pick up on that and it will make them nervous.
Sit quietly in the coop and bring them treats, food is key...but don't expect them to eat from your hand at first, just drop the treats on the floor and be patient.

Good CLuck to you all!

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