Severe, ongoing sour crop. Next stop is euthanization.


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Apr 10, 2011
Upstate New York
I am very close to putting down two Copper Marans hens for severe, ongoing sour crop, which has resisted the usual treatments. Before I employ the final solution, does anyone know of a hail Mary, like an injection of penicillin, or something similar? Thanks...
I've heard that Moistat works! I'm not too sure on where you can get it but multiple people have tried and they have said it worked amazingly!
Keep me updated!

What have you tried so far? If it's a yeast infection antibiotics will_not_help, they'll probably just make it worse. If I were you and thought it was a yeast infection I would buy some fluconazole or ketoconazole for fish.

Quote: yep. Use the suppositories (Walmart generic is the same thing but cheaper) I used this a while back and it did help. What I did was cut the suppositories into four pieces giving one piece in the morning and one in the evening (cut into 3's for a larger bird). I just did an open their beaks and down the hatch method, making sure of course to get it down their throat not their windpipe. goes down pretty easy.
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It's funny that you are having this issue with the Copper Marans. I got 2 of them last year. Both are gone now. One had serious sour crop/impaction issues for life until she finally died of them. I never figured out what actually was impacting her, despite much effort, surgery and eventual necropsy. I did use the Monistat on her with good effect, though, in the midst of our unlucky adventures. I got rid of the sour crop only to have her actually succumb to an impaction lower down in the GI system. I am still thinking that there may have been some GI motility issue going on with this bird from day one.

The other chick had blown air sacs from the day I got her. She also died very young, but a lot less dramatically. I never expected her to live, though, so it came as no great surprise when she just dropped dead one day.

I am wondering where you got your chicks from. Do you mind if I ask?
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