Severe vent prolapse, GRAPHIC PIC

What would you do?

  • Try and push it back in (again)

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  • Keep applying Prep H and hope it shrinks (dont push it in)

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  • Keep applying Prep H and try to push in again tomorrrow

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  • It is to severe, euthanize

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Apr 12, 2015
So my pullet(she is 7mo) had vent gleet and i was just giving her daily yogurt. Then she laid an egg a few minutes ago and i saw red hanging from her vent and its horrible!! This is also her first egg!She isn't doing well at all, she is laying over on her side! I have 2.5% hydro cortisone prep H cream. Its really bad looking!!! I dont think i should have pushed it back in! I think i did it wrong or something! Update: She is in the bath tube on a towel is being blow-dried on warm-low setting, she is sitting correctly and had walked, i made her lay back down though, her insides have not come back out. im watching carefully, i rubbed a lot of cream on it. She doesn't seem in a lot pain pain, but i dont know how chickens express pain, so she could be in a lot of pain i think she would be. She is just chilling there in the tub. *deep breath* im calm, its gonna be okay...

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It came back out when she tried to poop. Is there any chance she could get better? Should I put her down? Should I try to push it back in? Please help.
There is now yellow (infection?) stuff and bloody red tissue! The white stuff is Pep H cream. I am afraid to push it in.....
If anyone has any advise at all, it would be very helpful, it has gotten worse. I love this girl very much, i do not want her to die, but i also dont want to make her suffer. I plan to just apply the cream an hope it shrinks, so i can out it back in. She is drinking. Its really really horrible.
Can you take her to a vet?


Not today, I wanted too, but the closest vet is 2 hours away without traffic, and im not even sure if they treat chickens it just says avian. The next closest over is 5 hours and i know they treat chickens, they close at 6. If she lives until tomorrow i can take her, there's no way i would make it today. I am just so shocked, i believe she has or had infectious bronchitis. I made a post about her a couple of months ago because of her sneezing, and breathing problems. she still sneezing but breathes okay now. Maybe that why this happened. She is the very last to lay and very late, the others laying started a while ago. it was her first egg, and it was a small egg. Now she is like this.....
Can you take her to a vet?


Kathy have you ever seen anything like this before? I looked up vent prolapse and this is just horrible compared to what i saw. do you think if she has or had infectious bronchitis, that it could cause this? If the vet can fix it, he or she would need to remove the ovaries to to prevent it from happening again if its caused by Infectious Bronchitis right? Im keeping her in my room, and she is drinking and eating, also preening her feathers but it looks really bad, its so much worse, i put tons of prep h on it.
Thanks for your help Kathy, I should i have taken her to the emergency vet instead of waiting. I wish I would've, it was stupid to wait. It was way worse this morning. I think everything came out during the night by the way it looked. The vet said he could do the surgery but that it was very severe and there was a chance are she wouldn't make it, and if she did that there would probably be some bad complications after. I just let him put her to sleep. She just layed there on the table while he gave her the shot, she was gone very fast. I think she was tired and ready to go. I still feel bad, if i went as soon as it happened she could have gotten through the surgery and recovered. Hopefully it never happens again, but if it does im going to straight to vet. It was definitely to severe to try and fix at home. I'm sad it ended this way, but now I wonder how her friends are doing. Since they haven't seen her body, will her flock still think shes alive somewhere? They knew she was injured, so maybe they can figure out she has died. It has been a while and they're behavior hasn't changed. I think they believe she is still in the house. I left her body with the vet, i think i should've taken her home. Should i show them her body, or will it matter to them? The office still has her body, its frozen though.
Very sorry for your loss. There is no reason to show the flock her body unless YOU need to do so to help with your grief. I know the decision was difficult but I would have done the same thing.

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