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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by FunnyBunnies12, Oct 25, 2010.

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    We are due for severe storms tomorrow through Wednesday with high wind warning, I have eggs that are piping and hatching what can I do should we lose power? I'm concerned about the eggs that are piped but not hatched and the temp/humidity dropping. Do I do the same things as I would the Genesis? Seems like we lose power easily around here and I'm concerned about the weather and the timing of these ducklings piping and hatching and the settings.
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    Jan 11, 2010
    I am better set up for power failures up at my block of land in the country than at home. At least up there I have a generator- and lots of solar powered apliances.

    I have a power inverter which I can run from a car battery if needed- but what I have found easiest- and most sucessful is just putting the eggs into a box with a hot water bottle. Of course- if you loose power you may have trouble getting hot water to fill one. I lay it in the bottom of a box covered in a slightly damp towel for humitidy. The eggs are in a tray slightly off the hot water bottle so I dont cook them. the temp has to be regulated so you have to watch the thermometer regularly and open the box to let out extra heat.
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    Just have some cotton towels ready to cover up the bator. That should be enough to cover several hours. Do not move it around like last time. The ducklings are generating their own heat in the egg and they are basically fully developed. Really don't worry to much.
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    That is what I can't do is move them to a place with power because of water spillage then that will drop the humidity and those that have piped will shrink wrap, so I'm hoping all will pip and be hatched by time the storms arrive if they arrive. It's Michigan weather, very unpredictable. They say one thing, it does another. I just love these babies so much! Well, couple of the ones that haven't piped are starting to rock, so we shall see what tomorrow brings. But I'm sure tomorrow will be the other 3's birthday. I just adore watching them hatch, even the Schwan's man got to see! Never a dull moment at our house! LOL!!
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    We actually are going to look and invest in a generator before my husband heads back to Afghanistan on the 6th of November.
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    Once again, what katharinad said (great minds, right?). You can go ahead and insulate them ahead of time if you're worried the power might go off while you're sleeping. Just monitor it for a while after adding insulation to make sure the temp doesn't spike. You'll kill them much faster with high temps at this point than low. And during lockdown, humidity matters more than temp (within reasonable ranges, of course). So keep it shut, keep it insulated, and try not to worry or fuss. They should be fine. [​IMG]
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    I just wanted to add that, if you have a power outage, and you do cover the incy with towels, chicks really do need oxygen, so make sure you haven't covered it so that fresh air can't get in.......
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    That is what I'm worried about most is the humidity rather then temp. Right now because of the new hatching and the moisture in the egg and wetness of the duckling I'm at 90% humidity right now, so I'm not to worried, just getting my "Ducks lined up in a row" just in case. I know, that was bad!
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    Chicmom is so right. Do not put a towel below the incubator or you may cover the tiny holes. Heat rises so your best bet is to cover the top of it.
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    Holy cow this NEVER, EVER happens except during winter, but there are NUMEROUS school closings today here in Michigan due to power outages and severe weather due and tornado watch, thing is the wind hasn't picked up yet. But they must anticipate a severe outbreak that Michigan is not use to seeing. COME ON BABIES!! LOL, my youngest son is just infactuated with weather, and he's going to name his duckling "STORMY" because it's a Stormy day today [​IMG]

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