Severed Windpipe?

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  1. jbhuff518

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    Aug 1, 2016
    I am raising my first turkeys, which are now 5 weeks old. I just put a group of them outside yesterday for the first time and had a problem. When I went back out, 2 were OK, 2 were injured on their necks. I think the turkeys stuck their necks out of the chain link pen and one of our dogs bit them (only thing I can think of). One turkey has minor wounds and should be fine if no infection. The other has a severed windpipe. Somehow it is still alive after about 24 hours and is eating/drinking/walking around normally. It is currently breathing out of a hole in its neck. Is there anything I can do for it? Can you super glue the trachea back together???
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    I'm sorry you are having trouble.

    Can you take him to a vet?
    It sounds like he may need to have some stitches.
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    Superglue? [​IMG] Is it still alive? I would make a ph call to your nearest vet & go from there. Goodluck.

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