Severely swollen sinuses after multiple meds...what now??

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    Oct 21, 2014

    My poor girl had lice and a respiratory infection. After two Dustin's with ProZap, all bugs, nits, and eggs are gone, feathers are coming back. For the infection, she had foamy eyes, that awful smell, and coughing. Gave her Duramycin in her water, then Corid, and finally stumbled upon the potential for a coryza infection so she has had 2 doses of Tylan 200 (1 10 days ago, 1 2 days ago).

    All symptoms have cleared up except these sinuses. She is eating and drinking again as well.[​IMG]

    Any other ideas?
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    If it's Coryza or mycoplasma, many will say cull her, but if you want to try treating her, you could try Baytril. It's banned for use in poultry, but many people use it anyway. Can you take her to a vet to have her tested for respiratory diseases? If not, this is where you can get Baytril:

    The dose I use is 0.2ml per 2.2 pounds orally for five days.


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