Sevin in eggs?


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I know... I know... there has been other posts on the subject. But does anyone know if dusting your chickens w/ Sevin dust will really get into the eggs they lay? We had to dust our four new Hens with Sevin because when we bought them we not only got the hens but a bunch of mites too! We used DE on our other chickens and also put the DE in the coop, their run, and their nesting boxes. The topic is important to me because I am 6+ months pregnant and I'd hate to eat eggs that have any pesticide in them but at the same time I hate to waste the eggs if they are perfectly fine. Please help!


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Aug 2, 2008
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I wouldn't risk it, myself. I know there will be people who say sevin if perfectly safe. But if it's on the hens, it's probably in the hens. They do preen their feathers.

The safety of your child is what's really at stake, not a few dozen eggs.

Research to find the answers to safety issues involving small children and unborn babies just hasn't been very extensive. There's been almost no research into how combinations of toxins affect the unborn. And toxin exposure are hardly ever to just one toxin, there are so many in the environment.

Maybe you can find some safer alternatives to keep on hand for the next time something comes up.


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I agree with Dancingbear. It is not worth the risk.

I've read so many university/extension agency websites lately I can't keep them all clear, but I think it was the Texas A&M site that was clearest, but the Mississippi State website carried much the same warnings. If you dust with Sevin, do not repeat the treatment for 4 weeks. They did not say why. They also said to not butcher the chicken for 7 days after dusting with Sevin and to keep the Sevin out of their food and water. The A&M site also said to not dust the nest. Again, they did not say why. As the egg is porous I have my suspicions, but I don't know,

I'll include some links if you want to dig around on these sites. I'll also include a couple of sites I learned about last night on this forum, but I have not explored them very much yet.

Purdue Website

NC State Site … urces.html

Mississippi State

Texas A&M site publications/b6092.pdf

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