Sex and gender of my 2 bantams--Welsummer girl? EE but not sure of gender?


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Jul 1, 2013
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We're new to chickens and have 2 little 12 1/2 weeks bantams that we hatched out from an assortment of McMurray's bantam eggs.

I was thinking this was a Welsummer girl (Welsummer was one of the possibilities listed in the egg collection). The white stuff on her is the yogurt they had for their morning treat lol. She? was chipmunk striped when hatched but I don't have any good pictures.

And I thought this one is an EE but I'm not sure about gender even after reading a lot on BYC. He/she was dark when hatched and I don't remember any clear markings, but again I have no decent pictures at that age.

Appreciate any thoughts people might have!
Both birds are pullets. Your "Welsummer" appears to actually be a Black Breasted Red Old English Game bantam. As for your second bird, my first guess would be a Quail Belgian Bearded D'anvers. However, she has a single or a pea comb, whereas D'anvers have rose combs, and I'll have to say that she is more likely and Easter Egger. It is still possible that she is a D'anvers, but has a single comb (single comb birds ocur every so often from rose combed birds). Pretty birds!
Both pullets.
Your "Welsummer" is, IMO, a Black Breasted Red Old English Game Bantam. Your other bird is either a hatchery-quality (these often have single-combs) Belgian Bearded D'Anvers or an adorable Easter Egger.

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