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    Jan 30, 2012
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    I am new to breeding and am wanting to do some experimenting. I am breeding my blue ribbon barred rock roo with my brown red americauna hen and then also my splash americauna rooster to my black jersey giant. i am wondering if anyone knows what I may get out of these combos.
  2. chicken fever

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    Jan 30, 2012
    dallas, tx
    OR what are the KNOWN breeds to make sex-linked chicks?
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    It isn't the breed that counts, considering so many breeds come in so many colors - It is the color.

    Barred hen x non-barred rooster = sex-linked offspring.

    Silver based hen x non-silver or golden rooster = sex-linked offspring.

    Silver based colors include silver penciled, silver laced, birchen, silver duckwing, most blues, most blacks, salmon from faverolles, to name a few.

    Golden male colors included colors like Golden Duckwing, found on EE's, Araucanas, Pheonixes, Dorkings, Gamefowl, to name a few.

    Splash Ameraucana x Black JG = 100% blue Easter Eggers

    Barred Rock x Brown Red Ameraucana (if truly such) = 100% barred or cuckoo, depending on Rock's quality, birds with tiny amounts of orange leakage.
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    Welcome chicken fever [​IMG]

    One of the first commercial sex-links and still a perrenial favorite is mating a Light Sussex ( silver-based bird) with a Rhode Island Red. (Red-based bird) The chicks are sex-linked by color. [​IMG] For my money tho, don't use the Australian Light Sussex (many have been crossed with Coronation Sussex). Use an American line like Ron Dinger, or try below and explain you're seeking pure US lines which are pure Light Sussex and not mixed with coronation Sussex. ( coronation Sussex carry a bluish gene and that will mess up your sex-linking for color). Explain you want to create a quality strain sex-linked for color.
    Cumberland View Farm
    *Jim Bell/Preservationist for hbpaa, a heritage fowl socity.
    [email protected]

    2937 Highway 33 South
    New Tazewell, TN 27825
    NPIP # 352

    White Faced Black Spanish, & Light Sussex

    . There is lot written on the Net about this decades-old favorite cross. the ease of raising, the hybrid vigor and great performance in egg laying and as a meat chicken. here is a hot link to an article from Britian about them:
    Best Regards,
    Karen Tewart
    Waterford Sussex and Marans
    in western PA
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