Sex my chicks


6 Years
May 14, 2013
Southern NH
My babies are 8 weeks old now. Hatched them my self. ~~What do you think?

EEG father.
1st picture.....2 in back were EEG mother. Not sure who mother was with the 2 darker ones in front.

2nd picture they were a few weeks younger.

Can anyone tell with these pictures? I will go try to get better ones tomorrow.
Looking at the last pic, their heads going top to bottom my guess is

I'm not a pro by any means. Gorgeous birds.

For the first pic, looks like you have one boy and one girl. For the last picture, I'm thinking two boys and two girls

That was what I was thinking also..... Oh well. They were born in the middle of winter so their names are Chilly, Snowy (or maybe Sammy now), Cinco (it was 5 degrees out when she was born in the barn!) and Winny (or maybe Wilfred) Ha Ha.

Ok, well thanks. I love the coloring in both the EEGS (top 2 in pictures 1 and 3.

I think the other ones are EEGs and Astrolop (sp?) and EEGs and speckles Sussex. But not 100% sure on those.

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