sex of these two?


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Sep 5, 2015
They are supposed to be cochin/wyandotte mixes.
I'm thinking a cockeral and pullet but what do you guys think


How old are they? The bird on the left may be a cockerel based on the redness of its comb. I don't see anything screaming cockerel with the bird on the right, so at this point I'm thinking pullet.
I think the bigger one (left side) may be a cockerel and the one on the right is a pullet. Still really early but, a just a guess.
The bigger one also has waddles under ''his''chin coming in red. They should be closer to 7 weeks old, as I've had them for 4 weeks and they were 3 weeks old when I got them (that's what I was told)
I don't know anything about Cochins but I do know that Wyandottes are hard to sex early. I had two that started to pink up around the comb and wattles at 4 weeks, then nothing changed for weeks. They are now 11 weeks old and the comb and wattles remain unchanged from that pinkness! Other members told me Wyandottes were hard to sex, now I've got experience to say yes indeed!

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