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Aug 18, 2013
Hi all.

I have three blue araucanas, 13 weeks old. No. 1 is big, tall, has the spiky crest and has a very red comb coming through. No. 3 is smaller, smoother on top, and no red in evidence - girl. However, I am puzzled by No. 2, who is the same size as the boy and has a spikier crest than the girl, but has no red in the comb and doesn't strut like the boy. Any idea which signs I should go with? Or is it just a case of wait and see?

For some reason I can't get uploading photos to work - will try again when I'm at my laptop.

Thanks in advance,

Thanks both! Here, hopefully, are some pictures.

This is the uncertain one:

Here are boy and girl together:

All three: Girl on the left with green leg ring, boy in the middle, unknown on the right with blue leg ring.

Another of all three. Boy in the middle, unknown on the right (blue leg ring).

And finally, the boy - Captain Jason Swordfeet - looking very majestic!

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. (It's possible I am wrong about the others, so do correct me if I am!)

Many thanks,

I'm leaning toward pullet on the blue banded bird. Would love to see pics in another few weeks to see how things turn out!

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