sexing Cuckoo Marans crosses?

If you used a cuckoo (barred) hen with an RIR or NHR roo you would have sex link chicks. The boys would have a white spot on their heads. I'm not sure if it works the other way around

Post some pics anyway! We love baby pictures
I will, I would love to get everyone's opinion. I've got to get DH to do it. He put this fancy operating system on our computer, I'm lucky I can turn the thing on!
OH, they all have white spots on their head but none of their Mamas were Barred Rocks. 3 EE, 1 Black Sex-Link, 1 SLW, 1RIR, 1 Speckled Sussex.
My Cuckoo Maran x Jersey Giant peeps are a month old now and I really have no idea what they will "be". I figure rooster but time will tell. First pic is about 2 days old. The dark chick we lost and the two left are the ones that have the light areas on the top of the head. Second pic was today a they ventured across the yard. Barred coloring is coming in, I am surpised at the yellow legs and feet. Both parents are not yellow at all.


at a month of age I am thinking they are moving form fluffy and cute to all their parts don't quite fit
and gauky. They are big, mother hen has to hike her leg up to get off of them when they crawl underneath to get warm

Pic taken earlier today ~ The pop is Jersey Giant .. maybe that makes them a little larger????

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