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May 28, 2010
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So, seriously, someone posted french maran chicks on craiglist and said they are 90% guaranteed to be pullets because - and I quote - "I have learned to sex the eggs and have gotten good. I only hatched the female eggs."
Really??? All logic and education tells me that an egg simply can't be sexed. Larger eggs do not make for roosters (and vice versa). In all of the candling threads and articles I have read, not once has sexing been a topic.
So where is this person getting this?


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Feb 17, 2011
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some oldtimer once told me he could do that to . he said the eggs that are more pointed are roosters and the more round eggs are the hens ? i tryed this in the incubator and i used the pointed eggs to see if i could get all roos guess what out of ten eggs nine where cockerals so i don't know now i
m trying with the smaller round eggs will see what happens ??????? anybody need a serama rooster i have a few !


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Jun 4, 2009
some people say that you can sex the eggs with a pedulum

I have sex chicks with a pendulum and it work for most of them


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May 10, 2010
Quote:While my seller didn't GUARANTEE a pullet, she did say she'd exchange the bird if it turned out to be a rooster. Guess what? I still have a rooster- when it came down to it, she wouldn't return my phone calls when I tried to do the exchange.

I think it's funny they guarantee that.

I've long thought it would be interesting to do a project to see if it's possible to sex eggs. If it wasn't such a long, laborious process, I'd suggest my kids do it as a science project.


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Feb 19, 2011
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Hi there

I'm afraid my opinion is that it's nonsense. The theory of 'sexing' an egg defies all known theories and I wouldnt waste my money. If they're good quality eggs from good birds then fine but the 'sexing' sound like a sales gimmick

The sex of the bird is fixed at conception and in theory before that!!! It is the female that determines the sex of the unborn chick by whether the ovum carries a female or male sex chromosome.

I'd love to give this person some of my tortoise eggs to sex as that would be quite a joke
Their sex is determined by the incubation temperature, not a guess or a pendulum!



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Quote:So with tortoises the sex isn't fixed at conception? And you can pick the sex by altering the temperature? How accurate is it? As in, what percentage of males/females can you get? Can you swing it 100% one way or the other? You can do it with chickens, sort of, but it's by altering the temperature up or down to extremes that basically kill the males or kill the females. I can't imagine it's of much practical use as the extremes of temperature requred would probably have a negative effect on the surviving embryos...

As for the sexing with pendulums, it's not to actually change the sex of the embryo, it's to sort out the males from the females and discard the eggs you don't want to incubate. I know it's a weird concept and I'm pretty sure it's a talent that 99.99% of people don't have, but I honestly believe that a small number of people can do this and do it rather accurately. My mum has a cousin who can find water with dowsing rods and he's the very type of person who is sceptical of what he calls 'that type of mumbo jumbo'.

As for the pendulums etc for sale on eBay, if you don't have the talent, they're pointless. Like buying a telescope when you're blind...


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So I hate to be so negatory. But I ran a person experiment with 40 eggs once. Putting pointed eggs and marking and then normal eggs. The hatch was actually 20% male and 80% female (all were same breed and same inc - cabinet) so what does that prove nothing!

I have heard that acv increases chance of getting girls!!! I might try that next!

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