Sexing Guidlines need at about 4 week sof age....

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    Apr 4, 2007
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    Do hens tail feather first?

    I think combs turn pink on roosters stay more yellow on hens?

    Rooster spur starting. Do hens get a bump there(spur area) as well? or any bump means roosters?

    The ex 4-h chicken shower who works at the local Farm store picked out what she thought ws 9 hens and a rooster....

    5 are growing tail feathers while the others aren't yet.

    1 is rooster for sure(comb getting bigger and pick).

    I have a mixture of 3 barred rocks, 4 RIR, 1 australop???(maybe) and it looks like 2 are just turning white(Leghorns)....

    Any general guidlines on sexing??
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    It depends on the breed sometimes. My pullets all have that little spur bump, so you cant go by that. Barred Rock cockerels are lighter all over in color, due to the white bars being wider and making them look silvery gray rather than really dark.
    Hens do get longer tails sooner than roosters as chicks. Roosters generally get a pink comb and wattles before hens. So, yes, in general you can go by that, but sometimes they fool you.

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