Sexing leghorns by combs..


11 Years
Aug 19, 2008
How many weeks old came you start to tell who is who? I just hatched 32... They are 4 weeks old today... 3 of them have insanely tall combs. 5 or 6 more have spikier combs and the rest of their combs are very small. All 6 hens (moms) and there daddy have HUGE combs. I can't be that lucky.. 2/3s pullets.. Can I? I want to sell them now. Not sure how, should I just sell them straight run except for the obvious? Do you think 5 bux is too highg? I worked really hard and put alot of time into them!
I can start picking out the roos by the end of the first week.By a month they are jumping out at you..but there is always the late bloomer.
The roos combs are much taller and get red quick.All Med.'s have very large combs but the pullets won't put it on until near the pol. For the roos it's like a bragging point for them
We love our legs in all the colors-we have the rainbow.
Without a doubt all the "suspects" are roos but check out the color differences as well.
There all white and I have a couple california grays. What are all the colors you have? I just started doing this. I love them!!!
Muddy chickens make bad pictures

We have White,Brown,Exechequer,Mille Fleur
had black but the quality wasn't good enough so I'm starting over there. Just sold the last of the Buffs and reds -beautiful birds but only lay a medium size egg so outta here no matter how pretty you are.Silver is growing up now.I want blue or blue mottled so I'm working on that this year it will take awhile.
I should have said check out the comb color variations the pinks are the boys the light combs are usually the girls.

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