Sexing Naragansett Turkey Poults


Jun 2, 2016
Hello I am new to posting to BYC, I have been using the site for quite some time and have found it VERY helpful.

In addition to my chickens, I have four 8 week old Naragansett Turkey Poults. I am leaning heavily toward one being a tom and the others being hens, but what do you all think?
For the moment that's what I'm seeing too, the front one looks tom, but that can change. They are a bit young to be definite yet.
Hold your turkeys and go through the chest gently. Look for a little tiny start of the beard. It will be very clear as to what it is. I see tons of opinions and questions on how to sex turkeys. This is pretty fool proof. You can sometimes find a tiny beard under their as early as 6 weeks. Hope this helps.

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