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Sep 13, 2013
I have a white 2 year old peacock that i'm not sure if he is male. It is my understanding that he will not get a train till he is 3. Is their anyway to tell if he is a male and can he breed as a 2 year old. I have another female in the same pin that is laying. Any help would be appreciated.
If that is a current photo that is a hen, not a peacock
Sorry no babies
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Your bird has the posture and body shape that screams Hen. At 2 years a male has a much more upright posture, longer legs and a longer tail. I have a 2 year old white male and his train feathers are about 2 feet long. Since she is 2, she will probably lay a couple eggs this year and then you will know 100% for sure.

PS. if you are getting more than 1 egg every other day, both birds in that pen may be laying. Peas will usually lay every other day or even every third day, but I've never had them lay every day.
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