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    I have had a number of chickens over the years and never had much problem sexing them, but I have two that are confusing me. I bought 5 pullets from the feed store about 4-5 weeks ago. The barred rock is definitely a little boy (red comb and wattles starting the bud, plus he is light colored...I should have known when I grabbed him, but didn't think about it since they "pullets"). The leghorn and one of the RIRs are definitely girls. That leaves a delaware and RIR#2. Both have tiny yellow combs and with pink wattles. [​IMG] I'm guessing boys, but the yellow comb is throwing me off. Figured I'd get some opinions on this from y'all!

    Any thoughts? I'm irritated that my 5 pullets are seeming to be 60% male. I called the feed store and they swear they were sexed. She also asked "is it crowing?".'s 4 or 5 weeks old, so no (I've only heard of rare cases of a chick crowing earlier than 8 or 9 weeks old). Then she told me that ALL her pullets turned pink/red at that age. [​IMG] I really wanted to ask her if she has ever owned chickens.

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    From what you say, sounds like pullets. Pictures would really help. Most shots of the head so we can see the comb and wattles, and a side shot of whole body.

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